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One-to-one inbox delivery measuring on major ESPs
Inbox delivery rate accuracy that any marketer needs to have
Email marketing is crucial sales channel for every modern business. If you still tracking your emails with 2-3 of own seed mailboxes you can overlook serious delivery problems.
To prevent it InboxGear developed a new way of tracking inbox delivery with at least 25 dedicated mailboxes that does this work for you 24/7 and provide the unbelivable accuracy.
It’s time to take care of your email newsletters inbox rate.
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Your subscribers differs, track them all
There are several subscriber types of subscribers who are on your list. Some of them are spectators, some open your emails and some confirm in your emails. With InboxGear you can see the delivery inbox difference between these groups and make adjustments to your email campaigns.
Rich data for your decisions
InboxGear provides delivery rate data grouped by email service providers, campaigns, senders IPs and domains
Inbox, promotions or spam?
Know to which folders your email were delivered. Gmail tabs statistics is included. You don’t need to guess anymore. Get everyday updates.
A picture's worth a thousand words.
Get screenshots of your InboxGear mailboxes everyday in addition to standard reports.
Want to improve your inbox delivery rate but don’t know where to start from? Identify senders’ reputation problems with InboxGear
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How it works
1. Provide your URL with a subscription form
Some publishers prefer not to use double opt-in for their newsletters. InboxGear can handle single opt-in and double opt-in subscription forms. We will subscribe your InboxGear mailboxes using a URL you provide us.
2. Wait 24 hours for your monitors
To emulate real users behavior we throttle a subscription process. Once you give us your URL with a subscription form we start to sign up your InboxGear mailboxes at a low speed and confirm a subscription for double opt-in robots.
3. Done. Get inbox delivery report everyday
Once monitors are up you will get access to your reports and we will notify about big changes in your delivery rate by email.
Discover how different groups of users receive your emails. Get your monitors up in 24 hours. No manual setup required.
Frequently Asked Questions
Do you offer help with setup?
Yes. InboxGear team handles everything on our side. You only need to provide a valid URL with your main subscription form.
Do you have a free plan?
Yes. All potential users are welcome to use our free trial for 30 days. After your trial is finished, full functionality can be unlocked with a paid plan.
Are there any cancellation fees?
No. You can make changes to your plan or cancel at any time, free of charge. Our flexible plans also come with no minimum contracts. After cancellation all mailboxes will be unsubscribed.
How do you different from other email delivery services?
We don’t use shared emails for our clients and provide reports which can be filtered by user activity group. This data helps email marketers to identify reputation problems with email IPs, email content and email domains. 
 We also provide detailed report on Gmail tabs.
Do you provide any advice on email deliverability issues?
Yes, if you see issues with deliverability you can book a consultation with our delivery manager. We also provide free advices in our newsletters.
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